Words I like for my self.


You don’t have to remember these words or use them… just talking about what words I enjoy using/hearing.

1. Avian. I started to realise, I like this more than “therian”. I guess because it’s more particular, and therian makes me think of mammals, a lot of times? I don’t identify mammal any more than I identify human, so, I like a word that’s particular.

And, the good thing about “avian”, it also means birds who look like birds. All types of birds are avian. It doesn’t make a difference between human-looking birds and everyone else. So, I like “avian”.

And, it’s pretty!

2. Monster. Swans are not monsters. But, in this body, I always will be a monster. I’m comfortable with that.

3. Person. I’m fine to be called a person. The word is not offensive to me, I find it more offensive to say that nonhumans are not people, so, I’m happy to be called that. You don’t have to say being, etc. but it’s okay if you want to. ^v^

4. Nonhuman. I just like it better than therian or otherkin, though, I use those words too.

(And if you were curious, pronouns are she/her, but, I think most of you know that.)

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    yup i feel the same way about person/nonhuman! i have some friends who prefer being and that’s fine. but for myself,...
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